Top 10 Nude Beaches

Published: 21st November 2011
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Top 10 Nude Beaches Around The World
Here is a list of the Top 10 Nude Beaches Around The World. If you are reading this it’s simply because you’re human…
“Nude Beach”. The very mention of these two words often arouses feelings of titillation, embarrassment, outrage or even a combination of the three. For the thousands of people involved in the naturist movement worldwide, however, the idea of a nude beach seems, well, natural. After all, we all come into this world wearing only our birthday suits. You might ask what I’m doing writing about nude beaches, well, I’m glad you asked…. My 80 year old grandmother and her friend went to Jamaica for a few days this past week for a little getaway. On their cab ride from the airport to the resort they asked the driver what was the first beach they needed to visit; he was nice enough to recommend Sunset Beach. All excited, they changed and rushed to the beach; come to find out that it was a Nude Beach!!!!!!!! They stayed and had the time of their life…lol.. Below is a list of some of the best stretches of sand where beach lovers can shed their clothes and perfect that all-over tan.

Haulover Beach, Florida
Situated just north of Miami lies one of the few county-run and government-sanctioned clothing-optional beaches in the United States. This bare sandy beach has a huge following of visitors from across the globe. With glorious weather for most of the year and the vibrant city of Miami on the doorstep, it’s not difficult to see why. The bare area is more than 800 yards long and has its own lifeguards and unobtrusive police patrols. Refreshments, sunbeds and umbrellas are available. For years Haulover Beach, part of the city of Sunny Isles, has been a haven for naturists from South Florida as well as snowbirds from Canada and Europe. Thanks to the efforts of the South Florida Free Beach Association, this beach has certified lifeguards and organized group activities, such as swimming and volleyball. Now you know why Florida is considered “The Sunshine State”

Banana Beach, Greece
Banana beach is the collective name for three lovely sandy bays well loved by nude bathers. Before you ask, the name refers to the fact the beaches are yellow and curved. During peak season bare bathers mainly use Little Banana, (once again, the name refers to the fact the beaches are yellow and curved one of the smaller coves), as clothed visitors descend on the main beach. Little Banana is often called the best bare beach in Greece, although there is plenty of competition for the accolade.

Playa de Maspalomas, Canary Islands
Hundreds of acres of sand dunes, looking just like the Sahara, frame the beautiful beach between Maspalomas and the popular resort of Playa del Ingles. This nude beach extends 2 miles from one end to the other and over ½ a mile deep. The bare areas, like the swim suited ones, have sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. For a quieter spot, walk into the vast expanse of dunes, but be careful not to get lost!

Little Beach, Hawaii
There’s nothing “little” about this beach when it comes to notoriety. Officially known as Maui’s “unofficial clothing-optional beach,” Little Beach is an isolated strand surrounded by high shrubs, craggy volcanic rocks and driftwood. Although nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii, the law has not been enforced here for years. As a result, Little Beach has become a favorite hangout for naturists and curious vacationers. Activities at Little Beach are plentiful, including swimming, body surfing and whale watching.

Red Beach, Greece
With its amazing blue waters, sun-bleached cottages, ancient ruins and red sandstone cliffs, Crete’s Red Beach is picturesque to say the least. Made famous in 1968 when hippies from across Europe flocked to its shores, the resort at Red Beach has remained a naturist favorite for its rustic charm and its tolerance (nudity is allowed everywhere except the dining room). Visitors to Red Beach will find the area’s ancient caves interesting, as well as sunken bits of history that wash ashore from time to time.

Praia do Pinho, Brazil
Although the barely-there, dental-floss bikini debuted here, nude beaches in Brazil are somewhat rare. However, naturism has caught on in some parts of the country, including Praia do Pinho Beach, located in the southern state of Santa Catarina. Pinho opened in 1987 as the first sanctioned au naturel beach, and nudists who frequent this area make a point of saying “clothing is not an option” despite the strand’s official description as clothing-optional, locals will kindly ask you to leave if caught wearing an article of clothing.

Hedonism II, Jamaica
Unlike most other nude beaches, Hedonism II promotes a freewheeling and indulgent naturist experience for playful singles and couples. Located in Negril, Jamaica’s famous 7-mile white sand beach, the all-inclusive resort is divided into “nude” and “prude” sections, with separate facilities for swimming, sunbathing, volleyball and more. Clothing is optional, however, throughout the entire complex. Visitors can expect to find vast spreads of food and drink, a thumping party scene and, quoting the resort, a “lush garden of playful passion.”

Samurai Beach, Australia
Relaxed and lively is the only way to describe Samurai Beach. On this half-mile stretch of white sand, nudists let it all hang out while taking part in volleyball, tug-of-war and Frisbee. Yes, I said tug-of-war…

Euronat, France
The south-west coast of France is almost one vast nude beach, stretching over 100 miles from Biarritz to the Gironde. Among stiff competition, the nude resort beach of Euronat stands out for its clean golden sand, supervised swimming and friendly atmosphere. Thousands of happy families gather here, and the beach is open to both nudist campers and day visitors alike.

Les Grottes Plage, France
This gem of a beach on the magical island of Levant is reached by an easy coastal footpath 10 mins walk from the quayside. A small natural cove of white sand slides gently into the turquoise sea, providing excellent swimming and snorkeling. Seventy years ago Ile du Levant was the birthplace of nude leisure in France. Today, there is a tiny resident community and lots of holiday accommodation. Minimal clothing is normally worn in the village of Heliopolis, but the rest can be enjoyed as nature intended.

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